We are in 1864.
Let me introduce you to Joachim Moinat who runs two restaurants, one in Nantua and the other one in Bourg-en-Bresse, in the east of France.
In order to satisfy his clients' needs, he has the idea of using the ice of the Sylans lake (600m above sea level), not far away, storing it in wooden huts besides the water.

20 years later, thanks to the development of railways, his business has developped and is sold to the Société des Glacières de Paris which will transform the local firm into an industrial site with large stones structures.
First world war, global warming and the development of refrigeration machines made the business ceased in 1917.
Here is what remains of it, a century after.
Next to the ice houses, outbuildings recreated a lively village constituted with a forge and mechanic workshop, a lamp shop, stables, a staff canteen, and housing for workers.
This sleeping place is slowly being invaded by moss and ivy which proliferates in a damp and cold environment.
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